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Molwitz & Treff Über uns
Molwitz & Treff

Hamburg's oldest family-owned philately house turns 75.
75 years of market membership are based on the trust of our customers.

We thank our customers for their trust. It is the foundation of our reputation which has anchored us in the market since 1945. Your trust means everything to us.

However, of no meaning can be “reviews” with which people without knowledge seem to want to damage our reputation because we ​​cannot assess their values via the phone.

Remember: remote diagnoses never have a serious result. (see "Service for heirs")

Edgar Molwitz founded the family company on June 1st, 1945. The company has been a member of the Federal Association of the German Stamp Traders r. a. (APHV) since 1960 and has been part of the Association of North German Stamp Dealers (VNB) since 1953.

Still in school child his daughter Carmen Treff became enthusiastic about the world of rarities with which her father dealt. Today she directs the company, which is at home in the fields of buying and selling collections (stamps, coins) and precious letters and coins.

Trading valuables is a matter of trust. Therefore, this mere fact tells it all: Customers who have developed their passion for collecting guided by the founder are loyal to the company to this day.

And now: present your values. Then you will find out everything about it.

Have fun collecting! Enjoy your values!

Molwitz & Treff

Service for heirs

What to do with an inherited collection

  • Leave everything untouched(!), whether it is in albums, envelopes, or leaflets. Do not sort! Do not take anything from the collection! Do not throw anything away!
  • Do not separate anything, such as brands of envelopes and substrates. Do not cut anything out!

  • Don't tidy up! Don't polish coins!
  • Secure the collection – even coins – in a fire-protected place.

If you have received a collection and lack the expertise, you need expert help to find out what you have inherited – and what it is worth. Because only those who know all the important criteria that determine the quality of a collection can determine its quality. And only those who are familiar with the market situation – which requires regular attention to the international market – can assess prospects and – in result – the market value. If you are not an expert yourself, you need to contact one.

Experts who, like us, belong to recognized professional associations can serve as your guide. People who do not belong to a professional association must not be badly belied and might know their trade. But those who are members of reputable professional associations are recognized by the professional world as honourable. And this counts.

Before getting expertise, please try your own judgment:

Can you provide information on the rarity of individual pieces (e.g. letters)?

Do you know how numerous (occurrence) and rare (availability on the market) a piece is?

Can you judge the quality because you understand terms like "perforation" and "mint never hinged"?

And do you understand how to assign the difference between 'flawless' and 'perfect' to a value?

Please feel encouraged learning to understand the terms.

Only experts can know the demand and, as a sub-item, the popularity of values ​​and collecting areas, but your understanding can lead you to a prior understanding of your collection. Did you find test certificates from Expert Associations (e. g. BPP), your collection could be valuable.

Now some tangible information:

Information collected in pre-printed albums already provides information about completeness.

  • First day letters and first issue stamps tend to be of little value.

  • If the acquisition of collection elements at auctions is documented, this can indicate intrinsic value.

  • The size of a collection can be significant.


Molwitz & Treff

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Mercantile forms of investment are usually linked to the stock markets. Not only since ‘Corona’ it is almost common knowledge that a concerning lack of certainty is a characteristic feature of such assets. Unpredictable economic developments and the high volatility of equities have overcharged and harmed not only small savers. The need to find alternative paths of investing which lead to both protection and gratifying returns has helped savers to rediscover a reassuring form of investment – collecting non-replicable or even unique historic items.

Many famous stamp collectors were well aware that a fine collectible items represent a smart form of saving which is not only secure but also projected into the future: a carefully considered, sane and tax-free investment. This knowledge, which of course also applies to coins, experiences a renaissance on a much wider basis as the number of people who have the means for such savings has increased. As such values offer an array of interesting investment options starting from acceptable prices it is rewarding for many people to sympathetically consider investing into stamps, covers and coins. In order to be successful you need an expert consultant at your side who knows the market at detail and can therefore utter a well weighed opinion on the proposal you are considering. As only high and highest quality is good enough in this perspective you must be able to identify immaculate original items as such – or you must know someone who is ready and able to assist.

Fine stamps, covers, and coins are solid investments

Immaculate stamps, covers, and coins are assets which were already valuable decades or centuries ago. Those collectibles rest on a sound basis of rarity that transforms them into objects of value. As those objects are valuated and traded in the world's largest market for popular collectibles, specimens of high quality have not only experienced growth in the bygone past but hold encouraging prospects for the future.


Next to the dependability of an investment of proven validity under all circumstances, you can find out how exciting stamp and coin collecting can be. Are you curious about the matter? We would be pleased to talk to you.


Coins – whether legal tender, idols of sovereignty or commemorative medals – were always tokens of historiography: they are among the concrete evidence of epochs, events and historic figures and represent the history of empires, principalities and states. And coins illustrate the history of civilization while reflecting the state of arts and crafts as well as aesthetic coinage. Being artefacts as such they do not only stand for but are history.

There is a long tradition to collecting coins. Roman chronicler Sueton (70 to 140 p. Chr. natum) mentiones imperator Augustus as collector who has owned “old regal and foreign coins”. Even as pure aesthetic pleasure never was the sole motivation of collectors, the poet Petrarca was one of the great medieval collectors who is said to have owned “coins of all countries”. Although such completeness is not our goal we offer you the classics of stable value in immaculate condition. As ever it is our ambition to offer profound and professional advice that helps to combine the pleasure of collecting with the benefits provided by a historically tested form of investment.

Passion and intelligent saving

Coin collectors are fed by passion. However it should be emphasized that numismatics is also a sane form of investment. And collectors should want to make sure that their hobby is materially fruitful too. Our experience identifies us as one anchor of reference that can give you the halt especially collectors need who cannot follow the development of the coin market with constant regard.


Unser Haus bietet seit 1945 ausschließlich geprüfte Qualität in folgenden Sammelgebieten:


Baden, Bayern, Bergedorf, Braunschweig, Bremen, Hamburg, Hannover, Helgoland, Lübeck, Mecklenburg und Schwerin/Strelitz, Oldenburg, Nordd. Postbezirk, Elsaß-Lothringen, Preußen, Sachsen, Schleswig-Holstein, Thurn & Taxis, Württemberg

Deutsches Reich:

Brustschilde, Germania, Weimarer Republik, III. Reich, Flugpost, Zeppelin-Post

Deutsche Auslandspostämter / Kolonien:

China, Marokko, Türkei, DNG, DOA, DSwA, Kamerun, Karolinen, Kiautschou, Marianen, Marshall-Inseln, Samoa, Togo

Deutsche Abstimmungsgebiete:

Allenstein, Marienwerder, Oberschlesien, Schleswig, Danzig, Memel, Saarland, Saar

Deutsche Besatzungsausgaben 1914/1918:

Landespost in Belgien, Ober-Ost, Dorpat, Libau, Dtsch. Post in Polen, Militärverw. Rumänien, Belgische Besatzung

Deutsche Besatzungsausgaben 1939/1945:

Albanien, Belgien, Böhmen & Mähren, Elsaß, Estland, Frankreich, Generalgouvernement, Kanal-Inseln, Kurland, Laibach, Lettland, Litauen, Luxemburg, Montenegro, Ostland, Rußland, Serbien, Ukraine, Zante, Zara, Feldpostmarken, Inselpost, Nationales Indien, Kriegspost und Propagandafälschungen, Deutsche Lokalausgaben, Alliierte Besatzung, Gemeinschaftsausgaben, Berlin/Brandenburg, Sowjetische Zone, DDR, Berlin, Französische Zone, Amerikanische und britische Zone, Bundesrepublik Deutschland


Belgien, Dänemark, Finnland, Frankreich, Griechenland, Großbritannien, Island, Italien, Kroatien, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Niederlande, Norwegen, Österreich, Portugal, Schweden, Schweiz, Spanien, Vatikan.


USA, Südamerika, Australische Staaten, Asien


Selling collections and single collector’s items to Molwitz & Treff

Molwitz & Treff pays fair market-balanced prices for fine collections, accumulations and dealers' stocks. We are also pleased to acquire single rarities of fine quality, early stamps, old letters bearing early stamps and pre-stamp mail, coins, idols, medals and of course combined collections of stamps and coins.

What to do if you want to sell

If you want to achieve market-conform prices, then feel free to contact us. We are in business since 1945 and we would be pleased if you may want to refer to this tradition of expertise.

To tax your values seriously we must see them ‘live’. Please make an appointment to present your values. Depending on the size of your collection we are ready to meet wherever it suits you.

We have the collectors interested in fine findings, we just need to identify the right material – probably yours?

You can sell your commodities directly to us. Let our guidance help you to achieve good sale results.